About Maia Whistle

The Mission

    MAIA Whistle is a beautiful necklace that aims to raise awareness about sexual assault. It will inspire those who wear it to stand for ending sexual assault in their communities. Working to achieve this mission will result in a network of individuals speaking up, stepping in and being safe listeners for those who need it most. These acts will help to break the current social climate that allows sexual assault to occur.

Origin of ‘MAIA’

    In Greek mythology, MAIA was the oldest of seven sisters and therefore, is the central star of the constellation Pleiades, named for the sisters. This constellation is visible from virtually every inhabitable place on earth and has been used for navigating throughout time .

    We chose this name for our whistle because the MAIA star shines brightly - like someone deciding to be the one who takes a stand for justice. The constellation of sister stars is a network shining brightly. They work together, forever, and influence our direction - pulling at us to look up and be inspired while we go on our way.

Our mission is to inspire us all to be MAIA.

    MAIA is the eternal sister, a loved one who cares about the wellbeing of all in her community. MAIA knows that sexual assault deeply affects those impacted by it.

MAIA knows every 107 seconds another American is sexually assaulted.  This is not just the victim's problem. This is EVERYONE’s problem. MAIA knows that change  happens when she takes a stand to end sexual assault AND when she commits to inspiring others to take that stand right next to her.

    You can make the choice to be the catalyst for ending sexual assault in your community. Whether its speaking up, being a safe listener or stepping in when someone may need it the most. Wearing the MAIA Whistle  is visibly making that choice.

     MAIA WHISTLE NECKLACE will start conversations.

    There is a naturally occurring dynamic among us all in that we tend to compliment one another on what we are wearing. We do this as a gesture to make connection. The MAIA whistle necklace attracts compliments. It’s beautiful, contemporary and unique.  People may even recognize it as a "rape whistle.” Either way, this necklace will get people talking.  This is the starting point to share how,  MAIA WHISTLE NECKLACE represents your stand for ending sexual assault.