Turning Back on Business Investor Advice

This week I was told by a business investor that my company would not be viable if I did not manufacturer over seas. For so many human rights and business strategy reasons, I am turning my back on this advice and will maintain my commitment that the Maia Whistle will be sourced and made in a region where all of my ethical standards are within my control - i.e. the USA. This is a sobering fiscal decision because at the current production volume, the cost per piece is close to 10 times more expensive when made here vs when made in Asia. Last night I chose to open up to possibility of having BOTH - a viable business and ethical practices; rather than cave into the world of EITHER.

Today, I began my journey in cultivating great thinkers to inspire, educate and direct me as I continue to pursue this course. In this vain, here is a thoughtful article written a few years back on this very topic.

A selected quote from said article: "Institutional logic holds that companies are more than instruments for generating money; they are also vehicles for accomplishing societal purposes and for providing meaningful livelihoods for those who work in them. According to this school of thought, the value that a company creates should be measured not just in terms of short-term profits or paychecks but also in terms of how it sustains the conditions that allow it to flourish over time. These corporate leaders deliver more than just financial returns; they also build enduring institutions."

- Rosabeth Moss Kanter 


If you have any insight or networks you think valuable to connect me with, I am open.

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